Led Indicating Lamps For Red,green,yellow & Amber

Led Indicating Lamps For Red,green,yellow & Amber

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  • Excellent illumination with Super bright SMD LEDS Long life
  • Universal Voltage AC/DC (12, 24, 48, 63.5, 110V, 220, 250 Seperately also available)
  • Low power consumption
  • Available in all standard colours & voltages
  • Supplied with unique legend holder
  • Suitable for 22.5mm dia.
  • Low voltage Glow Protection(Optional)
Indicating lamps are widely used in panel boards switchgear, control & relay panels, machine tool controls, process machinery etc., for status indication. LED indicating lamps are of moulded construction with high quality plastics designed for safe working at high temperatures. The lamps have super bright SMD LED to provide excellent visibility even from long distances. The lamps have long life & consumes low power. These factors will result in reduced operational cost & improved reliability. The lamps are available in all standard colours & voltages.

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