Elements 1 N/O

Elements 1 N/O

Product Code: Elements 1 N/O

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  • Excellent quality
  • Made out of Engineering plastics
  • Independent NO & NC Actuators
  • State of the art technology
  • Meets IS 13947 &IEC 947-5-1 requirements
  • Available in all standard colors
  • Suitable for 22.5mm dia.
Push Buttons are designed to meet the exact requirement of control circuitry in power control, distribution, machine tools & automation products. They are designed to provide operational convenience & excellent aesthetics. The Push buttons perform reliably every single time & add value to the product by its superior design & impressive looks. Precision tooling is used to main-tain dimensional accuracies of all the components. the electrical parts are made out of brass & are in plated. The noncurrent carrying metal parts are made of MS, Zinc plated & passivated. The molded parts are made out of the Best quality engineering plastics. The product design guarantees reliability, long life, excellent electrical & mechanical performance. The actuators are available in all colours & in shrouded, unshrouded execution.

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