SEMAPHORE INDICATOR(for isolator and earth switch)

SEMAPHORE INDICATOR(for isolator and earth switch)

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Product Description

  • Attracted armature design
  • Continuously rated coils
  • Compact, dust proof moulded case
  • High operating torque
  • Low power consumption
Automatic status indication of circuit breakers, isolators and earth switches on mimic diagram of control panels.
The indicator consists of an armature which rotates between the poles of an electro magnet. The indicator pointer which is black in colour, is fixed to the armature and turns against a white background. When the circuit breaker or isolator is in closed position, the pointer bridges the gap between the lines and provide continuity in the mimic diagram. When the circuit breaker or isolator is in open position, it takes up a position which is at right angles to the mimic. If the supply to the indicator fails, then it takes up an intermediate position i.e. at 45°.
The indicator is housed in a cylindrical moulded case and is designed essentially for flush mounting on control panels. A mounting clamp is provided on the case for fixing on to the panel.
Semaphore indicator is available in two versions viz. JAV 041 is used for circuit breakers and a beezel diameter of 63mm, type JAV 042 is used for isolators& earth switches and has a beezel diameter of 48mm. However, the panel cut out dimension is 41mm dia, which is the same for both the types. The indicator coil is basically designed for 24/30V DC rating. For 48V, 110V & 220V DC application, a screw type series resistor is supplied which can be directly screwed on to a terminal of the semaphore.

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