Microprocessor based facia annunciator(8 window)

Microprocessor based facia annunciator(8 window)

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  • Sequence selection according to ISA standards
  • Trip and Non-Trip selection
  • Built in push button for test, silence, accept and reset functions
  • DC fail indication (optional)
  • Repeat alarm contact (optional)
Used for annunciation of different parameters and status in a system.
J-WATCH micro-processor based annunciator from JVS is of modular design. JAV 014 provides Programmable trip/non trip and NO/NC selection for the each windows through DIP switches. Trip/Non trip selection can be performed through the DIP switches in the front panel of the unit. NO/NC selection can be performed by the DIP switches at the rear end of the unit. A set of built in push buttons for test, silence, accept and reset functions are provided in front panel of the unit. Terminals are also provide to connect external push buttons for remote operation as and when required.
The windows are lit by red super bright LEDs. Yellow, Amber, Green or Blue LED with colour filters can also be provided on specific request.
Auxiliary DC supply failure to the annunciator can be displayed in window designated as "DC fail annunciation" as an optional feature. A separate DC sensing card with mounting arrangement is provided which can be housed inside the Control Panel.
Repeat alarm contact (1NO output) for each window can be provided as optional feature

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