jvs With the advent of new computing paradigms and advancements in the field of Embedded Systems and Digital Signal Processing, Power Systems Protection has come of age. This, in coherence with various advancements will lead to “Smart Grid”. Therefore, there is an immediate need to upgrade the curriculum in our universities so as to bridge the gap between the existing practices and the needs of the industry.

JVS believes that, together, we can make a difference by designing and building contemporary syllabus and Power system protection labs by incorporating the practices of the Industry today and the needs of the World tomorrow. Protection systems are becoming more intelligent and complex.

The need of the hour, is to develop essential skills in our young and practicing engineers alike, in the areas of design, development and maintenance of such advanced protection systems. Owing to the multi disciplinary nature of activity, the course aims at developing an unique perspective among the participants by connecting various dots.
  • Spark interest and excitement amongst the Student and Teacher community in the field of Power System Protection (PSP).
  • Define a course work that seeks to address the needs of the day and future
  • Nurture the Joy of learning through exploration
  • Connecting the dots – Mould a culture that encourages “multi-disciplinary learning”
Latest News and Events
  • JVS Electronics signs a MOU with Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology with an aim to achieve excellence in Technical Education.
  • JVS Electronics signs an MOU with Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan.
  • JVS Electronics interacts with final year students of RVCE, Bangalore.
  • JVS Electronics hosts RVCE students for a factory visit.
  • JVS Electronics successfully conducts a Workshop for faculty development at its premises attended by faculty from RVCE, BMSCE and Dr. AIT, Bangalore.
Faculty deveopment Programs
One of the main objectives of PEAK has been to improve the quality of Industry-Academia interaction and relationship. JVS Electronics hence offers Faculty development Programs on a horde of topics with respect to Power Systems Protection, Protective Relaying, Embedded systems, Hardware design, Communication protocols, IEC standards and numerous other allied topics. In addition, such training programs can also be customized to suit an institution or group of Institutions. Please do get in touch with us for more.
Student Interactions
The primary aim with which PEAK was introduced as a service was to help students realize the beauty and intricalcy of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. JVS Electronics interacts with students, conducts seminars and knowledge sharing sessions to help students get a hold of basics of Electrical and Protection Engineering. Seminars can be held in colleges across the country on a variey of topics. The topics of the knowledge sharing sessions can also be customized across Electrical, Electronics, Communication and Protection Engineering to suit the requirements of a particular set of students. Please do get in touch for more.
  • Feeder Protection Scheme
  • Transformer Protection Scheme
  • Current and Voltage Injection Test Kits
  • Numerical Over Current Relays
  • Differential Relays
  • Static / Microprocessor based relays
  • Seminars & Knowledge sharing sessions
  • Workshops for faculty and students
  • Industrial Visits
Feeder Protection scheme
Feeders are critical elements in distribution networks, transferring power from the distribution substation to the distribution transformers. Protection of feeders need the ingestion of concepts of Overcurrent relaying, Direction & Non-directional relaying, Breaker failure protections, Auto recloser units and much more. JVS Electronics specializes in protection of distribution networks and can help colleges in setting up state of the art Feeder Protection Systems.
Feeder Protection platform for Embedded Protection systems
Students can develop their own algorithms and build programs to test on this feeder protection platform. Implementing Relaying concepts at their own behest will offer them invaluable insight and experience into the Protection system. An ingenious and one of a kind offering from JVS Electronics, this will help the students master the coding aspects of Protection Relaying. Although complex in nature, this exercise will serve students in a strong lead in their Engineering careers.
Substation Automation Systems
Communication forms the crux of any Susbstation automaton system today. JVS Electronics introduces a low cost model Substation Automation system to help the students master the basics of SAS.
Transformer Protection Scheme
Principles of Unit protection are of prime importance while designing a scheme for Transformer Protection. Concepts of Differential relaying, Restricted Earth faults, Overfluxing conditions, Undervoltage & Overvoltage conditions form the backbone in the design & implementation of Transformer protection. JVS Electronics designs and delivers Transformer Protection panels to suit Academic Institutions to deliver the best possible hands on exposure to students in a Laboratory environment.
Current and Voltage Injection Test kits
JVS Electronics brings to the Academic Institutions Current and Voltage test Jigs that are benchmarked to the ones used in Industries today. With extensive features including Time Interval meter and an Ammeter/Voltmeter as part of the Jig, it makes experimenting on and testing of relays simpler. JVS Elctronics has Power supply units, Current and Voltage test jigs and Frequency test jigs as part of its offering.
Numerical Relays
Numerical Relays are state of the art relays that are predominantly in use in Protection systems across the globe. Numerical relays are better compared to their counterparts in aspects of Accuracy, Speed, Reliability, Sensitivity, Stability and Selectability. They are the latest generation relays incorporating features like communication, LCD displays, multiple protection elements and much more. Dubbed ISD (Intelligent Substation Devices), Numerical relays today are more than just Protection elements.Please go through our product catalogs for more information.
Differential Relays
Differential Relaying was born out of the concept of Unit Protection schemes. A part of the system is protected differentially, that is, faults confined only to a certain region are taken into account and the relays work for the same. Concepts of differential relaying are critical to any budding protection Engineer.
Static Relays
Static Relays are proven, robust performers that have been employed in the protection of Power systems for decades. They use distributed computing techniques to analyze data and draw logical conclusions depending upon their instruction set. Static Relays usually have DIP (dual in-line package) switches for their operation and control. Please go through our product catalogs for more information.
Training Programs
JVS Electronics in its bid to contribute to the society, envisioned PEAK( Programme for Exhange and Augmentation of Knowledge) with the vision of contributing to the improvement of quality of Education imparted to the students across the country. As huge a task as it is, it is being addressed with efforts in two domains – Training and Hands on experience. Efforts with regards to training the faculty members of the Academic Institutions to deliver better content in a better fashion have yielded results. Hence, JVS Electronics proudly offers Faculty Development training programs at its facility. In a bid to make sure that this initiative is a self-sustaining one, nominal fees would be applicable. Teachers from across the country participate in such programs. Colleges can send across their faculty members to our conviniently located premises at Bangalore for the same. Knowledge sharing sessions, Seminars and Workshops can alsobe organized at colleges, subject to a numerous factors. Student training programs also form an integral part of our PEAK initiative, wherein, we are only happy to train and discuss with students with respect to the current trends in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Industry. Please do feel free to contact us at any time!!
Industrial Visits
Practical exposure to the development and manufacturing techniques practiced in the industry are essential knowledge pockets that every student must possess in addition to sufficient theoretical & practical knowledge and exposure to the concepts of Electrical, Electronics, Communications and Protection Engineering. JVS Electronics encourages colleges across the country to visit its facility at Bangalore. Please find a downloadable brochure for the same. Get in touch with us!!